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Christian Growth - A Lifelong Journey

First Lutheran Church's Mission Statement is:  "Christ's Love, Transforming Lives to Go!"  It is understanding that when we are in relationship with Jesus Christ, we cannot help but be transformed.  God then sends us into the world as changed people.  Christian Growth is a lifelong journey.  Adult Education opportunities are a tool of lifelong learning.  These are not education classes where a teacher is passing knowledge onto students, but instead are opportunities for us to gather and learn from one another.  Do not sit on the sidelines of faith.  JOIN the JOURNEY!

Responding to Conflict and the Problem of Revenge

Wednesdays, Mar 13th - Apr 3rd 6:45-7:45 p.m.  Amber Room


     If we assume that successful conflict resolution is a worthwhile goal in interpersonal and intergroup relations, it is clear that the desire for revenge in reaction to perceived wrongful harm will be an obstacle impeding the achievement of that goal.  But it is not always so clear what we are talking about when we refer to “revenge,” or “vengeance,” nor is it obvious to many people what is wrong with pursuing it.  Over the course of four Wednesday evenings (6:45-7:45) Kit will share some of the results of his own investigation into the nature of revenge, and its moral status as justified or unjustified, as the basis for group discussion.  These results can be found in his most recent book, “Revenge and Social Conflict” (Cambridge University Press, 2016; paperback edition 2018).


Kit Christiansen, who is a Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus at Bemidji State University, will be leading this class. All are welcome! 


Books are not required for class, but can be purchased at your favorite bookstore!



March 13:  Revenge: What It Is and What It Isn’t (suggested reading: Chapter 1)

March 20:  Is There Such a Thing as Group Revenge? (suggested reading: Chapter 4)

March 27:  Ethical Evaluation: Revenge and Interpersonal Conflict (suggested reading: Chapter 6)

April 3:  Ethical Evaluation: Revenge and Intergroup Conflict (suggested reading: Chapters 8, 9)


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