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Servants of Shelter (SOS) March 3-10, 2019

We are called, you are called, to share your time and dollars serving the homeless through a program called SOS. What is SOS or Servant of Shelter?  Some of  Bemidji's church communities provide sleeping space, supper, breakfast and lunches for up to 20 homeless singles or families with or without children for a week at a time.  The homeless come to us via VOUCHER permits given to them after a need and criminal check.  These vouchers are issued by:  BI CAP, Village of Hope, Churches United Inc. and the Police Department.   First Lutheran will host Servants of Shelter two different weeks this year, January 13-20, 2019 and March 3-10, 2019.  From past history it takes about 65 volunteers for this service.  The ideal is a women and a man; 2 persons for each 4 hour shift.  DO take a shift, provide a meal, assist in the registration process, or share a monetary gift for lunch supplies.  Games and Magazines are also welcome.  Why is there a continued need for this service in our community?  Until Bemidji can provide low cost temporary housing for this population the need will continue.  What are my responsibilities as a  volunteer?  Each shift is 4 hours in duration with somewhat unique tasks.  More information can be obtained by visiting the SOS sign up table between services starting mid-February-early March.

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